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Patricia H Anda

Reiki - The Art of Healing Hands

Patricia H Anda, graduated from Master Reiki, with studies in Colombia and Argentina, Professional member of The Argentine Alliance of Reiki Masters and Professional member of The Latin American Association of Reiki Healing.

" I am healing with my hands, I love my work, I bless my exercise, I prepare myself in every session of Healing and I thank the Heavenly Father and my Teacher for this dedication and work “


The Art of Healing by Hands, is the Art of Reiki, healing Physical Body, balancing the Energy Field that surrounds the Physical Body, favorable changes occur, harmonizing directly to the Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Body, since the problem is treated within from the auric field of the person, instead of working directly in the body itself, these energy imbalances can be eliminated in the aura before they manifest in the physical body.

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